What is Biodanza

Bio = life danzs = movement, dance (from Spanish)

Biodanza is a system created by Prof. Rolando Ttoro from Chile, offering profound encounters “vivencia” with the self, society and life as a whole.

Biodanza is based on music, movement and human encounters. The vivencias are led by Facilitators, graduates of the schools of Biodanza recognized by the International Biocentric Foundation-IBF.

Biodanza was created to enhance personal development through the integration of emotion, thought and performance. The practice of Biodanza consists of 2 hour weekly encounters and workshops. The experience is mostly non-verbal, allowing direct and objective communication regardless of the personal, professional and cultural background of the participants.

The music consists of songs and instrumental pieces from different cultures around the world which have been researched, tested and chosen to create the optimal space for each vivencia.

The movement is an individual response (you don’t learn steps so there is no need for experience or talent) to the instructions given by the facilitator. Each vivencia is planned by the facilitators according to their goals, the theme presented and the nature of the group and the encounter.

Biodanza teaches us to listen and reactivate our primal human nature, the manifestations of which have jaded over the years. Biodanza is an invitation to explore life with simplicity and authenticity and to awaken our natural potential. Biodanza enables us to express our inner power in harmony with others and with life itself.

What does one achieve through Biodanza?


An outburst of aliveness, pleasure and happiness.


Developing the ability to love and be loved.


An experience of harmony with myself, others and life itself.

Biodanza for me is an extremely powerful, yet very gentle tool, for self development through movement, inspiring music from all over the world, and authentic encounters within a safe group. I am inviting you to experience through dancing and sharing, the delightful feeling of finding the ``inner home`` whence you connect, celebrate together, get to know and share, in a profound way, the abundant gifts of life.

Rachely turz

Prof. Rolando toro

Rolando Toro Arandea was born in the town of Conception, Chile, on April 19th 1924.
He qualified as an elementary school teacher and later graduated at the Psychology School Pedagogical Institute of the University of Chile. Rolando Toro was an anthropologist, poet and painter. He wrote poetry books and books about psychotherapy, and his artwork was shown in Brazil, Italy and France. Above all else, Rolando Toro was a teacher at heart. He taught Art and Expression Psychology at the Aesthetics Institute of the Catholic University of Chile, he
worked as a university teacher at the Medical Anthropology Centre in the Medical School of the University of Chile. It was there he conducted research on the expanded states of consciousness.

After the Second World War, Toro felt disillusioned with Western culture and fearful of the direction humanity was taking. He looked for an alternative way to create an amicable communication between people. He chose music and movement, universal means of communication since the beginning of time, and created a system of social interaction that promotes listening, connection, understanding and love between people: the Biodanza.

Rolando lived in Buenos Aires for 4 years, in Brazil for 12 years and in Italy 8 years. In 1998 he returned to Chile. He founded the International Biocentric Foundation. Toro received a title of honorary professor from the Open Inter-American University of Buenos Aires, Argentine. In 2001 professor Toro was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Biodanza and Biocentric education.

Rolando Toro Arandea died on February 16 2010.

The process of human evolution requires a vision that transcends individualist, ideologies and beliefs.

R. Toro

Biodanza in the world and in Israel

Biodanza first started in Spain in the 1960s and has since spread to 54 countries around the world including Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Holland, UK, Uruguay, Venezuela, Australia, Japan, South Africa, the US and Russia.

Biodanza is a language that requires few words. Biodanzers say that anywhere in the world where people dance Biodanza it looks the same, people feel they have “come home” and the instructions are understood in any language. This is the language of the heart… When the music plays the body expresses human feelings embracing all.

The Biodanza arrived in Israel from Chile through Francin Temple, Sima Respeca and Silvy Temple 9 years ago. Since then dozens of Biodanza groups have been formed in Israel, led by facilitators who studied in authorized schools in Israel and in the world. Bit by bit a nurturing community of Bidanzers has formed, whose members meet at the Biodanza events, workshops and annual festivals.

Click here for the list of Biodanza groups in Israel

The Northern School of Biodanza joins the esteemed list of tens of authorized Biodanza schools around the world.