We do not live alone. Allowing ourselves to grow, evolve and live a full life
while preserving the live of those living next to us is the highst value.
The significance of spreading Biodanza is the creation of a possibility to live together, truly, and to truly live, together.
Our way of doing this is by creating the conditions: starting a school which will qualify more and more Biodanza facilitators, who in turn, would continue to create spaces for themselves and others. Spaces of true freedom in every city, neighborhood and family.
The Northern School of Biodanza is open for Biodanzers who wish to combine an in-depth personal experience with theoretical knowledge as a means of personal development.
The Northern School of Biodanza is open for people wishing to become facilitators, open new groups and continue to spread Biodanza in Israel and the world.

The Northern School of Biodanza is recognized by the IBF International Biocentric Foundation, and is part of the recognized Biodanza schools around the world. Acceptance requires a personal interview (contact us) and participation in weekly groups. The certificate of a Biodanza facilitator is recognized internationally.

For those wishing to become facilitators in the future, this course requires a personal supervision at the beginning after completing all the study modules and completing the assignments as specified in the official international guide.

The syllabus

The studies for training in Biodanza include 30 theoretical-experiential units, 14 hours each, introduced by didactic facilitators.

The students would be required to write a seminary paper and a monography on a subject close to their hearts.

Studies for a facilitator’s diploma are 3 years long.

Along the way Biodanza facilitators are invited to specialize in applying Biodanza to specific target groups or under special conditions like Biodanza for children, Biodanza in water etc. While there is only one system of Biodanza it has many applications and is open to new ideas.

  1. Definition of Theoretical Model of Biodanza
  2. Biocentric principle and living unconsciousness
  3. The vivencia
  4. Biological aspects of Biodanza
  5. Physiological aspects of Biodanza
  6. Psychological aspects of Biodanza
  7. Mythic and philosophic antecedents of Biodanza
  8. Identity and integration
  1. Trance and regression
  2. Contact and caress
  3. The human movement
  4. Vitality
  5. Sexuality
  6. Creativity
  7. Affectivity
  8. Transcendence
  1. Action mechanisms of Biodanza
  2. Application and extension of Biodanza
  3. Biodanza ars magna
  4. Biodanza and social action
  5. Music in Biodanza

22-28. Methodologies 1-7

29-30. Seminary

The Teachers

Rachely,   A Biodanza facilitator in Israel and all over the world since 2010, a certified (didactic) teacher since 2013.

Rachely was born and raised in Quiryat Ono. Since 2000 she’s been living in Yagur with Guy and their three kids, Eyal, Yuval and Yaeli. Rachely is a holistic healer incorporating different methods.

In 2004 her eldest son became ill. The personal experience Rachely had during the healing process brought on the understanding that life is the present of the present.

“Live in the moment” suddenly became a tangible reality. To be blessed with the gift of life unexpectedly was a huge gift. To feel life in all its depth, to feel all the feelings and sensations is a must.

And when everything is in synch – we meet the right thing for us.

Rachely met Biodanza.

“It is not just another thing I added to my resume. I discovered it’s what I really am and it’s my calling. Biodanza for me is the way to live life in meaningful movement. When I see and feel the dancers who really express who they are in the Vivencia – for me it is real fiesta. To enable ourselves to really feel, to stop suppressing and sweeping under the rug – is to really live.”

The day Rachely Turz met Biodansa she knew that opening the Northern School of Biodnza would just be a matter of time, and when the time is ripe – the fruit is sweet. In November of 2016, during “the growing seed” exercise – she envisioned it happening, heard him call her: “It’s a call you can’t explain. It comes straight from the heart, from a very deep place. Why? Because. Because this is the way for me to grow. Because by starting the school I can expand this place of love, facilitate it for many more dear souls. So come. Come with love.

Teachers from Israel

Micahl kamil

facilitator and didactic

Yochai Leshem

Facilitator and didactic

Hagit Zioni

Facilitator and didactic

Ayelt Zohar

Facilitator and didactic

Orna Kasoah

Facilitator and didactic

Silvy Tempel

Manager and director Of Biodanza Israel

Teachers from overseas

creusa Dionisia Da Silveira

Director of Adiratic School Of Biodanza Italy

Merijn Oudheusden

A didactic facilitator and director Of Biodnza school in Utrecht Holland

Jade Wepener

A didactic facilitator and director Of the Biodanza school, Moscow.

Nuno Cachadinha

A didactic facilitator Portugal

Myriam Sofía López

Didactic facilitator and director Of the school in Columbia

Helene Levy

Didactic facilitator and director Of the school – France

Antonio José Sarpe

Didactic facilitator and director Of the school Portugal

Danielle Tavares

Didactic facilitator and psychologist Rio De Jenero

Alejandro Balbi Toro